Jhelcen Jay

Apr 21 2011
Apr 21 2011
Apr 17 2011

Four New Guys In The Family :)

We brought these two cute little hamsters two weeks ago. Both were females. We named them Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Just this morning, a commotion woke me up. Everybody was strident. My sister yelled, “Ate Jaaaay! Wake up! Our hamster gave birth!” of course I ignored her. I was just too sleepy to care and at some point, I didn’t even believe what she was saying so I just responded with, “Uhh. Okay. Just let me sleep.” Few seconds after that, daddy and mommy followed Shanice to my room and all three of them, tried to wake me up with my mommy telling me the same thing what my sister had told me. I was under the covers. I opened my eyes and let things register to my brain. I slowly peeked through the covers and I saw daddy holding a piece of container with four tiny hairless hamsters in it. I was astound. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Four tiny hairless hamsters? Paris/Nicole gave birth to these creatures? I didn’t even know one of them was pregnant!

Daddy told me we should go the pet shop asap to ask what should we do about it. So I immediately changed and we went to the pet shop, the same place where we bought Paris and Nicole.

We were really confused about who’s the mother of those four tiny creatures. We didn’t even know one of them was pregnant because basically, none of them looks like it. And the fact that they were both females made us think that maybe one of them got pregnant while they were still in the shop.

We┬áreturned home immediately. We put the baby hamsters back to the cage and we observed Paris and Nicole. Nicole seems to care a lot about the baby hamsters. She would take all four of them to one side and seems to be protecting them from Paris, who in the meantime, would take the baby hamsters one by one and would put them to the play area of their cage. We also saw Nicole feeding the baby hamsters so we anticipated that maybe Nicole was the one who gave birth without us knowing and she’s the mother of all four of them.

Daddy bought another cage. Nicole needs to take care of her four sons now and Paris is really annoying her so we decided to separate Paris from the family (only for the meantime).

Mommy, daddy, me and my sister are very observant to every move they make. It made us happy seeing four new guys in our cage. Our family just got closer because of this blessing. Thank you Lord! :)

Apr 17 2011

Ms. Big Mouth

Just seeing your name makes me sooo angry. I keep telling myself it’s not worth it but it doesn’t just go away. It feels as if this anger would eat me in no time. This feeling, it sends memories back to haunt me. It makes me think back to the days of how I used to be so nice to you and how you were so mean to me in return. I just hate you. I don’t think I deserve how you treat me and how you talk to me. I’m a very nice person and I’m very sincere with everything I say and I strongly do think I deseve a better approach from you. It’s like I respect you and you SHOULD respect me too. I don’t care if you’ll show me a fake kind of respect. I wouldn’t mind. As long as you tried to be nice in front of me. That’s just what I want.